How to Build a Steel Stud Wall?

How to Build a Steel Stud Wall?

A steel stud wall could be what you’re missing if you are keen on having a nice and strong steel building. First of all, you need to know how a steel stud wall can be put in place. Yes, you have to be familiar with all steps involved in the building process if you want to have an idea regarding steel stud walls. Below is how to build a steel stud wall.

Mark the positioning

This is the first thing that you should do. Here, you mark where the steel stud wall will be situated. You will make the floor with a pencil showing the position where the U track will be placed. Make sure the markings are clear and accurate. This will make everything easy going forward. You need an expert that will do the best job right from this first step. You don’t have to take any chances. That is why it will be very good if you choose Meta Steel services. Our services are top-notch because we are a reliable company when it comes to steel buildings Canada. Once you reach out to us, you can be sure you will get the best.

Screw the track to the floor

This is the second thing you will have to do. Here, you will cut the U track. The size of the U track will depend on the length of the wall. The longer the wall the longer the size of the U track will be cut and vice versa. So make sure the U track is cut correctly to avoid unnecessary issues and wastage. What will follow next is that the track will be screwed on the floor at 600mm centers. Remember to have the right screws for the job to ensure the right job is done. You of course want the fixing to be firmly done. The material you are screwing into will determine the kind of screw you will use. Once this step is done, you will now proceed to the next. We still have to insist that you need the services of a professional. Every step is very important and therefore it is professional services that will guarantee quality results. It is from us that you will get the best professional services as far as steel buildings are concerned. Let no one deceive you. For all steel buildings Ontario, we are always more than ready for the task.

Screw stud to the already existing wall

You will then have to screw the stud on the existing wall. The purpose of this is to provide another foundation. Here you still have to be very keen with everything you do because measurements are involved. Yes, you will have to measure the existing wall. The measurement should be taken from ceiling to floor. It is the measurements you will get here that will help you cut the stud into the required size. The stud should be a bit shorter than the existing wall. About 3-5mm shorter. This is to make sure the stud fits into the tracks. Coming up with any kind of steel building needs accuracy and that is why you should be keen on the measurements. You will then have to insert the cut stud into the floor track and then plumb it into the wall. After that, you will do screwing. This stage will now be considered done.

Fix the ceiling track

After the floor track and wall stud have been fixed, fixing the ceiling track will then follow. The U track will then be cut and put in place alongside the wall stud. You should make sure the ceiling and floor tracks are plumb. The ceiling track will then be held in position with another wall stud that is placed at the end of both channels. Lastly, you will have to fix the track to the ceiling every 600mm. Getting the right expert for the job matters. You have to ensure the quality you will get matches the money you will spend. Don’t compromise anything because it is value for money that matters here. That applies to anything involving steel be it a steel warehouse or the agricultural buildings you see all over.

Insert the remaining studs

Inserting the remaining studs then follows. This is after they have been correctly cut. The studs will be placed according to the width of the plasterboard. For instance, they should be placed at one-third or center half of the plasterboard width. Make sure you get it right when it comes to the width of the plasterboard. It is the width that will inform you where you will place the studs. A professional who has built a steel stud wall before will understand exactly what you need. Don’t settle for any person who claims they know the job but have no history to prove that. They may end up messing up everything. So be very watchful when it comes to that.

Fit the plasterboard

Fitting the plasterboard is the last step. The plasterboard should be cut to the required length. The boards are staggered on either side of the studs. The plasterboard should also not touch the ground. This is to make sure that the board does not take up moisture. All the steps involved in fixing plasterboard should be followed to the latter. If you adhere to that, your steel stud wall will come out pretty well and very presentable. Let us do the whole process for you and you will like it. Meta Steel should be the company of your choice.


Just like that and your steel stud wall will be in position. Do you now feel you surely need it? You should now start putting all the arrangements in place since you know all steps involved in the building process. We are ready to take you through all the steps until your steel stud wall is complete. Seeing you satisfied with our quality service is what keeps us going. At Meta Steel, we believe in client satisfaction and that is why we always strive to give our best. You can reach out to us and ask anything, even if it is the cost to build a 20000 sq ft warehouse. We have all the answers you need.  For the best services ever, make sure you contact us or call (800)-484-0543.

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