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Frame Buildings

Wondering about the effectiveness of steel framing compared to other methods of construction? Steel frame construction's market share in the construction and civil engineering industries is gradually growing. While preserving strength, our steel frame buildings may be built into many shapes. Steel enables imaginative and unique designs.

Architects and other designers make use of this ability to produce structures that are not only aesthetically beautiful but also sound structural. We prefabricate our steel frames offsite to a specified specification before shipping them to the construction site in the North Bay and other cities of Canada. They are instantly ready to be put together after being sent out by bolting or welding the individual sections together.

Head Frame Buildings

When you’re looking for a metal building in North Bay, get in touch with Meta Steel Buildings. Buying a steel building can be the best option over brick or wood structures. Hundreds of mining companies rely on Meta Steel Buildings for their best-in-class steel buildings. Besides the ore bins, the head frame also supports the shaft house, which contains screens and rock crushers. A clear-span construction eliminates roof trusses, interior posts, and waste space. Relocating these steel buildings to a new location are simple with these easy-to-dismantle structures. Using building head frames from Meta Steel Buildings is a more environmentally friendly alternative to brick buildings.

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