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Frame Buildings

Looking for a rapid, reliable, and sturdy construction in the Sudbury? Frame buildings can be your reliable first choice. With our knowledgeable team, this building style can be completed relatively rapidly. Compared to conventional wood frame options, our steel frame architecture is far stronger and more resilient. Steel frame buildings are very fire resistant, which lowers the risk of fire to a building and slows the spread of a fire should one break out.

Our structural steel components are resistant to the harm that insects and mammals that burrow underground can do to them. Steel studs can be manufactured to order and come in a range of sizes. This implies that they may be altered to support particular loads in structures of diverse shapes and sizes.

Head Frame Buildings

The popularity of steel head frame buildings are growing every day. Several mining companies are turning to Meta Steel Buildings for their best-in-class metal buildings. The ore bins and shaft houses, which contain bins, screens, and rock crushers get supported by head frames. There are no roof trusses, interior posts, or wasted space, and they feature clear-span construction. Relocating these steel buildings are easy because they are dismantled in a hassle-free way. Meta Steel Buildings’ metal buildings are more environmentally friendly than traditional brick buildings. Construction waste gets reduced by using pre-engineered steel buildings. It is possible to recycle prefabricated steel as a building material.

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