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Frame Buildings

If you’re looking for high-rise, commercial, residential, and warehouse structures, steel frame construction is a perfect fit to meet your current needs and growing goals.

Meta Steel Buildings offer steel frame structure that is an excellent option for the construction of various buildings and skyscrapers due to its strength, low weight, quick construction, and capacity for vast spans. Our frame buildings are incredibly versatile, environmentally friendly, sustainable, affordable, and durable. It is typically designed, fabricated and erected in accordance with applicable standards for Canadian Standard Association (CSA).

Head Frame Buildings

Head frame buildings made of steel are getting more popular day by day. Mining companies are turning to Meta Steel Buildings for their best-in-class metal buildings. The head frame supports the ore bins and the shaft house, which contains bins, screens, and rock crushers. They feature a clear-span construction with no roof trusses, no interior posts, and no waste space. These steel buildings are easy to dismantle when relocating to a new location. The steel buildings from Meta Steel Buildings are more environmentally friendly than traditional brick buildings. The pre-engineered steel buildings produce less construction waste. Prefabricated steel can be used as a recyclable building material.

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