Can I modify my pre-engineered steel structures?

Can I modify my pre-engineered steel structures?

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    You may be wondering if pre-engineered steel is the right choice for your project if you want to erect a steel building or if you haven’t decided what kind of building you want or need. This is especially true if you want to make specific design choices to achieve a specific aesthetic or function. What you may not realize is that pre-engineered means you have almost no holds barred and no strings attached when it comes to your project. At Meta Steel Buildings, we take pride in customizing each structure we construct to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

    Let us explain how we can — and do — modify our steel building projects to your specifications


    Steel buildings provide significant flexibility and versatility, ranging from basic equipment storage shed with few further elements or finishes to a retail or office space with fine design details inside and out. If you’re constructing a commercial location, such as a vineyard, aesthetics are crucial in setting the mood and tone for the shopping or customer experience. Our designers collaborate with you to create the ideal unique appearance for your structure. Our pre-engineered steel buildings can be as complex or as basic as you want them to be.


    Some commercial structures feature one-of-a-kind designs or configurations that are simple to maintain in pre-engineered steel buildings canada. Anything is conceivable, whether you require enormous overhead doors for loading and unloading items or the entire side of the structure to open to allow large equipment or even airplanes to fit within a steel hangar.

    Efficiency in Energy

    Keeping heat in and heat out on a ski hill, or cool in and heat out in a fruit packing facility, are important factors to consider when designing pre-engineered steel buildings. Design and element selections are also influenced by considerations for the individuals who use them on a daily basis. Do you want more light from the sun? Increase the number of windows and glass doors in your building. Perhaps an entire wall of windows is in order. These day lighting solutions can help you get more light into your environment while using less energy. It’s a win-win! The current expense of these upgrades can be compared against the building’s long-term energy savings.

    You acquire a partner committed to your continued success when you choose us for your commercial, industrial, aviation, or other steel construction project. We’ll collaborate closely with you to design and construct a building that fits your immediate demands while also allowing for future expansion.

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